Take a look at what the 10 top tech companies will pay you

It is undeniable that the world needs more tech workers. With groundbreaking innovations taking place and advanced technological breakthroughs, it is only natural that the demand for tech jobs is skyrocketing. Although currently there seems to be a lack of proper skilled tech workers, it is also known that tech companies pay their employees handsomely.

In companies around the globe, senior engineers are known to get base salary of Tk. 12,360,000 along with other benefits while certain interns are also known to be making a whopping Tk. 6,489,000 annually.

We browsed through job-hunting site Glassdoor to discover the best tech companies and the highest paid jobs in these companies. We have listed down the best paying tech companies on Glassdoor, along with two common tech jobs which are a senior technical role and software engineer at each of these companies to give you a gist of what these companies and the mentioned jobs pay.

10. Red Hat


What they do: Red Hat offers open-source software for enterprises, including a popular version of Linux.
Total Employees: 6,500
Salary to expect:
Principal software engineer: Tk. 9,532,045
Software engineer: Tk. 6,114,907
Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina

9. MathWorks


What they do: MathWorks makes computational software for engineers and scientists.
Total Employees: 3000
Salary to expect:
Senior design engineer: Tk. 9,046,534
Software engineer: Tk. 6,217,302
Headquarters: Natrick Massachusetts

8. Intuit 


What they do: Intuit makes financial and tax preparation software for consumers and small businesses.
Total Employees: 8,200
Salary to expect:
Software engineering director: Tk. 15,005,281
Staff software engineer: Tk. 10,540,420
Headquarters: Mountain View, California

7. Riverbed


What they do: Riverbed makes hardware and software that helps enterprise networks run faster.
Total Employees: 1,244
Salary to expect:
Engineering Manager: Tk. 11,145,200
Software engineer: Tk. 8,395,888
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

6. Qualcomm


What they do: Qualcomm is a semiconductor manufacturer best known for its Snapdragon processors that power smartphones and other mobile devices.
Total Employees: 31,000
Salary to expect:
Principal systems engineer: Tk. 14,047,835
Software engineer: Tk. 6,773,530
Headquarters: San Diego, California

5. Google


What they do: Google operates the world’s largest search engine and makes the Android operating system.
Total Employees: 52,069
Salary to expect:
Engineering director: Tk. 19,654,375
Software engineer: Tk. 9,124,845
Headquarters: Mountain View, California

4. Guidewire

guide wire

What they do: Guidewire offers software for the property and life insurance industries.
Total Employees: 500
Salary to expect:
Senior solutions architect: Tk. 10,469,013
Staff software engineer: Tk. 8,354,010
Headquarters: Foster City, California

3. Facebook


What they do: Facebook is a social network website
Total Employees: 7,185
Salary to expect:
IT Manager: Tk. 12,517,209
Software engineer: Tk. 9,084,731
Headquarters: Menlo Park, California

2. LinkedIn


What they do: LinkedIn is a social network for professionals.
Total Employees: 5,400
Salary to expect:
Senior systems analyst: Tk. 13,172,841
Software engineer: Tk. 9,783,621
Headquarters: Mountain View, California

1. Twitter


What they do: Twitter is a social media service.
Total Employees: 3,300
Salary to expect:
Engineering manager: Tk. 12,772,084
Staff software engineer: Tk. 9,329,941
Headquarters: San Francisco, California