Maximum 20 SIM Cards Per NID Card: Tarana Halim

Post and Telecom State Minister Tarana Halim has informed that individuals can now register a maximum of 20 SIM cards with one NID card.

She made this announcement at a “Review Meeting on Progress of Telecom Division Operations” held at the secretariat earlier today. She also added that BTRC would be issuing a formal directive regarding this issue within the next few days.

Stating that if anyone has more than 20 SIM cards, those will be automatically blocked, the State Minister further commented, “Once the biometric SIM registration starts, the number of SIM cards under one person’s ownership can be verified. After a certain period, no one can keep more than 20 SIMs.”

Sajeeb Wazed Joy, ICT Advisor to the Prime Minister, was also present at the meeting.