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Facing climate change in Bangladesh: The way forward

A workshop for discussion was jointly taken by Friendship and ICCCAD, a concern of IUB, on Tuesday, December 31st, 2019 at Gulshan 2. The initiative was to establish talks on

The Rundown: What's the deal with Viber?

Ever wondered why some people in Bangladesh still keep using Viber? It may have a lot to do with their never-ending features and their Bangla interface! Viber is the only

Kinship AI aims to revolutionize how garments factories manage their workers

The biggest brands in the world have taken to artificial intelligence-based platforms to head into the age of the fourth industrial revolution. A domestic venture like Kinship creates hope among

The biggest Intra debate tournament of the country held at NSU

The North South University Debating Club hosted the North South University Intra Debating Championship 2019 from the 22nd of November. This event was a platform for debaters to hone their