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Things to consider while learning a new language

All of us at some point in our lives do consider learning a new language. Maybe it’s because you want to study abroad or to boost up your resume or

Breaking Bad at Dhaka Lit Fest 2018: a conversation we should have had a long time ago

“If we choose to tell stories about women there will be gallants of storytelling,” says the very well- known Bollywood actress, writer and activist Manisha Koirala, at Dhaka Lit Fest

Woman and wit go hand in hand - Raba Khan addresses critics at Dhaka Lit Fest

Photos: Christina Joyeeta Raba Khan – a well-known video blogger, YouTuber and comedian – made her mark at the 2018 Dhaka Lit Fest as a panellist, alongside a number of famous

Sodium Batir Gaan - changing the culture of open air music

If you ever roamed around the Dhaka University area you would notice how there is music everywhere you look. Whether you are in TSC or Curzon Hall or even in