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Safewheel: Bringing healthcare on three wheels to Rural Bangladesh

According to Safewheel’s website, “Safewheel Limited provides affordable ambulance and doorstep medical services to rural people.” This startup was founded in November 2018 and since then it has reached 140+

64 years of Pather Panchali: What made the Ray classic ahead of its time

Pather Panchali is not only a film. It’s a direct peek into the Bengali Society of the early twentieth century. With its universal humanitarian approach, Pather Panchali paints strong emotional

6 YouTube channels you should try out

According to Stasita, every day around 4 million people use YouTube. All these people have some sort of attachment to YouTube. In fact, they have something that gives them meaning.

Love, Death, and Robots: A more perfect anthology never existed

Only a few works can be compared to the new release of Netflix titled as Love, Death, and Robots. It was expected that a series produced by David Fincher and