A Bangladeshi space app is reaching for the stars

NASA. A word that resonates in the ears of every science geek.  NASA on Saturday announced the names of six teams who came out on top in six separate categories. The champion teams are set to visit the NASA headquarters. Undoubtedly this is a huge and very prestigious opportunity for each winner.

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Meet team “Olik” and Lunar VR

Bangladesh made its mark quite significantly in this contest.  SUST team ‘Olik’ won the award in the ‘Best Use of Data’ category. This achievement has spread a roar of joy and pride amongst the country people nationwide.

The project of ‘Olik’ is quite intriguing indeed.

Olik’s project was a Lunar VR(Virtual Reality)  that allows users to virtually explore the landing site of Apollo 11.

It also can orbit the moon with the LRO satellite. And quite interestingly, it can also observe the eclipse from the lunar surface.

The VR part is the most interesting part of their project. Using this mobile virtual reality application Lunar VR, anyone can experience and feel like landing on the moon though Apollo-11 and walk around the satellite. This science fiction sounding thing is something that is made feasible by these young guns. Their project is thus quite a show of innovation and creativity.

How it works:

Team Olik used a 3D model for creating a virtual environment. To make matters interesting, NASA gave the team some challenges to solve, as described by the team leader.

Team Olik’ won the best use of data category and have beaten a staggering number of 1,395 teams around the world.

About the wizards of SUST:

The members of the team representing are Professor Vishapriya Chakraborty (Mentor), Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SM Rafi Adnan, Department of Physics, Kazi Mainul Islam, Abu Sadiq Mahdi and Sabbir Hossain from Department of Geography and Environment.

This very big news came as a declaration on Saturday through an email. To Team Oliks great joy, they were asked to get ready for visiting the aeronautics and space science research center of NASA within a short time.

Earlier in the selection round ‘Team Olik’ made it to the top four along with teams from California, Kuala Lumpur and Yamaguchi, Japan on December 8.

Another team from Dhaka, Team ‘Planet Kit’ from BRAC University, was in the top in Best Use of Hardware Category, along with Argentina, Australia and Taipei but they failed to have the last smile in the final race.

Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) under the initiative of BASIS students’ forum has been organizing NASA Space Apps Challenge every year. The consistency of BASIS has paid off greatly with this award.

For this year the BASIS has chosen eight teams from Bangladesh to submit their projects for NASA after a massive competition across the country where they have sorted out top 40 projects from 2000 projects.

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