Game of Thrones S08E01: Awkward Reunions

The period of waiting has concluded. The end times are upon us, my lads and ladies, winter has come. And its first episode is almost entirely as awkward as my attempted regal speech.

Game of Thrones has finally returned to our screens. The first episode, King’s Landing, dropped this morning. And as always, it stands impressive with its visuals and narratives.

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Setting up shop

A good first episode sets up the story for further development and structures the narrative. King’s Landing does this in remarkable fashion. Season 8 is to be the shortest in terms of number of episodes, so we expect each one to be packed with storytelling elements. The thing is, cramming lots of story into fewer episodes is a difficult task to accomplish without a downgrade in quality.

The first episode has just the right mix of setups and actual forward steps in storytelling. Without spoiling anything, best I can divulge is that a lot of the “what happens when x meets y again” questions are answered. And the awkwardness that follows is brilliant.

The characters

Almost everyone was accounted for in this episode, their motivations and allegiances reaffirmed.

Season 8 picks up exactly where the last season left off, so not much has happened in between.

This was more about where everyone is and where everyone is going to end up being when the iceberg hits. A lot of exchanges of information went on between them, and everyone’s a bit more aware of what’s going on.

The characters are as inspired as ever, the impeccable acting always helps. The more striking features of each character are still as visible as ever. Except Euron Greyjoy. That guy just tries too hard.

The story

Game of Thrones’ reputation for narrative consistency holds up in this episode. The story is advanced quite a bit along with the set up for future episodes. We are set up for one heck of a ride this season, quite evident from the very first episode.

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