Save yourself the trip to the local police station. You can now file a GD online

Filing a general diary is usually a very tedious activity. The perceived stigma of the process scares off many people. And as such, a lot of crimes go unreported. But there’s an alternative you should know about.

DMP had introduced a system for filing GD’s online earlier this year. They are now pushing for the public to implement it on a more regular basis. Through this system, you can submit a statement by filling up an online form on this web address:

Needless to say, this is a very welcome step. We refrain from filing GDs due to apprehension of the circumstances surrounding the process. Many a person has an unpleasant tale about filing a complaint. This online procedure takes out the personal interaction factor that we’re apprehensive of and provides a far more prompt solution.

Source: DMP Website

It is to be mentioned that as of now, the process only covers lost and found cases. That means you can file an online GD for cases like a lost phone, ID, and other personal accessories and petty theft.

This is more convenient than it sounds; as many organizations such as universities require a GD filed before they replace a lost ID card. Therefore, the online GD system makes this a whole lot simpler.

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