ZKTeco’s industry leading biometric full height turnstile available in Bangladesh

FHT2400D leads the way in local full height turnstile market with stylish products

ZKTeco has recently launched FHT2400, biometric full height turnstile in Bangladeshi market. FHT2000 series has stainless steel casing, which provides corrosion resistance and durability. The mechanical system of the full height turnstiles includes a mainframe box and a frame. The direction indicator, core, control panel, access controller and lock are installed in the mainframe box. The core component mainly consists of two solenoids, a spring and a transmission mechanism. The frame supports the entire mainframe box. The electronic control system of the full height turnstile is composed of reader, control panel, access controller, direction indicator, horn, and transformer.

The product is perfect for industrial facilities, corporate security, government security, public transportation etc.

For details about the product, visit: www.zkteco.com.bd