Samsung #danceAwesome takes social media by storm

A catchy tune and an affiliated dance have always been proved effective to attract and engage consumers, and apparently, it can help to achieve a lot more than a few fluffy advertising words can. Korean tech giant Samsung has rocked the social media platforms with its recently initiated campaign #danceAwesome. ‘Dance and Awesome,’ these two words with the hashtag are now trending on and TikTok, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Samsung, with one of its ambassadors, popular K-pop group BLACKPINK, released the upbeat campaign for their ‘Galaxy A’ featuring its formidable screen, staggering camera, robust and long-lasting battery. The catchy tune which goes like “Awesome Screen, Awesome Camera, long-lasting Battery Life” has already created waves. Almost anyone who listens to this invariably says, “Ok, now that tune is in my head!!”

The campaign, launched through the ultra-popular Tik-Tok, invites the participants to dance to the #awesome song. With Blackpink, Samsung also made a tutorial for the dance, where the chorus is used with high octane dance moves that repeat the virtues of the new phones – ‘Awesome Screen, Awesome Camera, Long-Lasting Battery Life.’

So far, #danceAwesome has more than 12 Billion, yes, that’s right, Billion, views on TikTok. To add to this, over 4 million unique posts have been made by participants from all around the world related to #danceAwesome. India also recently launched it. Bangladesh is also joining in the party very soon. Samsung Bangladesh has commented that the new Galaxy A51 & A71 will be available soon in the Bangladesh market. And yes, these are the phones which are supposed to have Awesome Screen, Awesome Camera, Long Lasting Battery life!

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