Xiaomi answers user data harvest allegations

Leading smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has been accused of collecting the data from their smartphone users- even when the users set their settings to incognito mode while browsing.

The issue started gaining heat after a report published on Forbes stated that security researches White ops found that Redmi Note 8 was siphoning user data from web-browsers. The default and mint browser were encrypted using ‘base 64’ format.

The data once collected were stored in Alibaba server that is used by Xiaomi.

It is important to note that the security researches claimed this to be not as direct data collection, rather said this process might help Xiaomi perform mapping operations, which in turn can leverage profits. It is to note that, Google and Apple had also faced the same accusations of mapping user preference.

Xiaomi, however, gave a very clear response to the Forbes report. They claimed that whatever data they take are always with the user’s consent. They deal with anonymous and encrypted data, and they never collect personal data. Xiaomi had also provided clear screenshots about their data collection procedure. They claim that it was a broad misrepresentation of their whole data collection procedure.

Xiaomi has a rigorous policy of data collection for the countries they provide service in. Xiaomi has a policy of collecting data for running the applications more smoothly. In this case, Xiaomi denies the claim of mapping of data and stands strong in their stand of never collecting personal data.