Bottle Light: How To Light Up Your House For Free!

Electricity has perhaps become a basic necessity for most people in the world. Yet, in this era of technological breakthroughs and wonders, a large number of people do not have access to electricity. According to the World Bank, over 1.2 billion people in the world live without electricity. When it comes to developing countries like ours, the numbers seem appalling. A survey from the World Bank reveals that 55.2% of the population of Bangladesh still has no access to electricity. So, will the less fortunate people of our country or the globe lead their lives with no power or lights? That really can’t be an option and so to remedy to that, a wonderful new invention has been made which will help to light up homes with almost no cost at all!

What I am talking about is ‘A liter of light.’ Confused? Let me explain.  To illuminate your house, you will only need a one or two liter plastic bottle (which could be your Coca-Cola or Pepsi bottle) filled with clear water, add a little bleach to it and the bottle will emit light of up to 60W. You need to cut a hole in the tin-shed or thatched roof and fit the bottle there which can then light up the house. It was first invented by a Brazilian mechanic named Alfredo Mosar and this simple technology has now reached the doorsteps of the rural population in Bangladesh.

This concept has been implemented successfully in the outskirts of Chittagong by Lights Foundation. Till now, ‘bottle lights’ have been installed in 10 different houses in the Fatikchari Upazila’s Roshangiri Union’s Shiler Haat Bazaar and Mazumdar Bari. Lights foundation trained some 10th graders on how to create and install such lights and they have already made installations in several houses. The cost of making a bottle light is a mere Tk.150-200 and it can last for up to 4-5 years.

“We have already received more than a 100 phone calls from people all across the nation who are inquiring about how they can get a bottle light” says Shanjidul Alam, Founder, Lights Foundation.  “Till now we have received requests from people in Khagrachori, Rangamati and Cox’s Bazaar, among many other locations”

Shanjidul mentioned that Lights Foundation aims to help the people of rural Bangladesh and those who are underprivileged to be able to have lights in their homes. The institution is focused on improving the lives of people.

“Over 10 lakh bottle lights have been installed all over the world till now, while only 1000 is equipped to provide light during the day.” Noted Shajidul. “We want to be able to make bottle lights that can also light up during the day and we are currently working on that.”

He also added that within the next one month, the foundation is going to educate and train people on how to build these bottle lights so that they can go to their own home districts or villages and other remote locations where the population direly needs light. For now the biggest challenge for Lights Foundation is allocating funds.

I reckon this isn’t exactly rocket science but rocket science can perhaps not be able to provide the kind of benefits such a simple and accessible technology can. In all honesty, I sincerely hope to see more houses being lit up and the smiles that come with them.

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