This Drone Is Also A Flying Computer!

This Drone Is Also A Flying Computer!
Kutub Uddin Kamal


We can all agree that drones are quite fascinating. Although more and more people now have a general idea of how drones function, when the first ones came out, we were awestruck. Drones which can be bought by regular consumers for entertainment or general purposes are constantly being upgraded and customized. Hell, there’s even a video that has recently gone viral on social media where a man hovers over a lake standing on a board supported by drones! But let’s not get into that analysis. Drone maker DJI just announced an aerial drone with a computer attached to it and we can’t wait to see it in motion.

The drone called Manifold is not aimed at an average user, unless they are a developer who wants to create apps for drone with DJI's Onboard SDK. The company decided to create a drone with an attached computer as there is the lack of processing power on regular models. The device is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and has a quad-core ARM processor, an exceptionally fast NVIDIA Kepler-based GPU to aid in image processing, along with USB support, HDMI, Ethernet ports for attaching infrared cameras, atmospheric research devices, surveying equipment and a few other ports.

The company says that this will enable new artificial intelligence applications such as computer vision and deep learning. “With Manifold, we are entering a new era of smarter, faster and more powerful aerial platforms. Manifold opens up for aerial and ground technology to intelligently work together to solve complex problems,” said Michael Perry, DJI’s Director of strategic partnership, in a statement today.

This flying drone/computer will cost you a hefty amount of Tk. 3,300 (Tk. 2,56,580)and it starts shipping from today.