Looking Back At 2015: The Top 10 Bangladeshi Startups

Technology is progressing exponentially all over the world and Bangladesh is proudly making its mark in the arena. Information technology is now being applied in a whole slew of places. And that is where startups are coming in. Quite a few of these Bangladeshi startups are now internationally successful. Bangladesh’s IT sector has seen massive growth in the startup establishment. Let’s take a look at 10 Bangladeshi startups that have made their mark in 2015


Chorki Limited, a local technology firm, has launched a new search engine to give search service in our mother tongue Bangla. With their ‘Search Bangladesh’ slogan in the forefront, Chorki is capable of showing unique result for specific products. The search engine is getting its patronage from Malaysia-based VC Mind Initiative company. Chorki can now show unique result for more than 2 lakh products from 150 e-commerce websites. Chorki Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer Rashed Moslem says, Chorki is constantly working to improve its search engine results. Apart from product search result, Chorki also showcases news from more than 30 media outlets comprising of 4 lakh news articles.

Chorki has also recently launched a new application called Chorki News.


It is almost impossible to live life a single day without our mobile phones. A research has shown that 5 mobile operators in Bangladesh offer 250 different mobile plans in total. Users get slumped when they encounter so many options to choose from. Madviser is an application that helps users to choose cheaper packages.

The firm behind this effective app is Humake Lab. Its Chief Executive Officer is Abdul Mukit Ahmed. Madviser has won the best app prize in an international competition called Seedster World’s Dhaka leg held on 14 November last year. As part of their award, they won a trip to Switzerland and various Silicon Valley organizations. As the winner of the regional competition, they will participate in the international leg of Seedster’s World. The winner of the competition will also receive 500,000 dollars.


Being the cultural hub of the country, plenty of cultural events are constantly being organized in and around Dhaka city. But due to work pressure and lack of places to look for, we have a hard time finding them. That is where JeteChao comes in. It hosts event information that is happening around Dhaka. One look at their website will let us know the time, venue, and detailed information of each event. JeteChao also sells tickets for events that require them. JeteChao co-founder Reem Shamsuddoha tells HiFiPublic, “We are receiving phenomenal response. Organizers are coming to us with their events for listing on our site and people are getting to know about these events so that they can decide whether they’d like to participate. We are also selling tickets from our site. Right now we are trying to expand outside of Dhaka and its surrounding areas.”


HandyMama is a network of all kinds of professional cleaning and maintenance services, founded by Shah Paran; a young entrepreneur who graduated from The Founders Institute, Bangladesh chapter. HandyMama’s vision is to help people live a Better, Smarter and Happier life. HandyMama has already received recognition and popular acclaim for their very useful and interesting value proposition. As part of the recognition, HandyMama has already received a seed investment from a Fenox VC; a Silicon Valley based Venture Capital firm while they have caught attention of global and local investment institutes. HandyMama offers different kind of maintenance services including everyday office cleaning to house cleaning, plumbing, electrical and electronic appliances repair.


Even though Dhaka is a city of 15 million people, getting a taxi is one of the toughest things in the city. Chalo endeavors to make this hurdle easy and hassle-free.

Chalo is working to provide taxi service in Dhaka city. Its founder is Dewan Shuvo. Chalo takes only 10 minutes for on-demand taxi service. Chalo’s mobile app will even show the position of the car and they have a feature to order taxi service online. But if needed, customers can also book taxi service. Recently, they have started a new service called ‘Airport Pickup’. All a customer needs to do is give Chalo his or her flight plan and Chalo will make sure their car service is available at the given time.

Chalo has been invested in by US-based Desh Venture Capital. They have received $30,000 seed fund from Desh.


Doctorola.com is a call center based portal for doctor’s appointment. Its Managing Director is Mohammad Abdul Matin Emon. Doctorola is working to make doctor’s appointment for specialist doctors easier. Users can reserve doctor’s appointment by calling 09606707808 or visiting their website.


JoomShaper is one of the top web template service providers in the world and it is of Bangladeshi origin. Its founder is Kawshar Ahmed. Joomshaper’s is being used by companies and organizations spanning across Bangladesh and all over the world. Bangladesh Open Source Network, Bangladesh National Museum, several universities, software companies and newspapers are using JoomShaper’s templates.

The company has received international acclaim for their template. They have participated in a three day long ‘Joomla World Conference’ held on 6 November 2015 in Bengaluru, India as co-patron.


Wasim Alim, Tejas Bishwanath and Zia Ashraf established chaldal.com in 2013 to bring quality service to people’s doors. Recently, they have been selected as one among five hundred worldwide startups as best in the world by ‘Y combinator.’ They were placed in 9th position in the world’s top 10 startups. Chaldal.com is providing services for everyday products for the people of Bangladesh from one online shop. They have more than 4 thousand products in their three warehouse. Everyday they are providing customer service to 400 customers from their online marketplace, most of which are taking only one hour at best to dispense.


Appbajar has begun its journey in November 2015 as the Bangladeshi app marketplace. Users from Bangladesh face many hurdles when they want to buy paid apps from Google Play Store. At the same time local developers face a hard time recovering money that they earn by selling their apps. Appbajar hopes to change all of that.

Shafiul Alam, Appbajar’s Chief Executive Officer says, “Developers can upload their apps to Appbajar, which will be sold on download. We are constantly working to make Appbajar better. Its full stable version will soon be released. It has already made waves among local developers.”


Portbliss has created ‘Heros of 71’, a 1971, independence war themed game for the Android platform. The game was unveiled on Victory Day. Already it has surpassed more than 1 lakh downloads on Google Playstore, says Portbliss’s Chief Executive Officer Masha Mustakim. “You have to do a lot of hard work to make a game acceptable. Making a game based on a theme as massive and sensitive as the liberation war is even tougher.” Apart from Android, the game is coming for iOS and Windows platform. Right now, the game is available in this location.