Learn Robotics With ‘The Tech Lab’

The Tech Lab is working to provide technical education beyond that provided through textbooks. The organization has been providing educational training in robotics, programming, electronics and mechanical engineering. Enrollment has begun from last year. Students can receive IT training besides their regular academic curriculum.

The Tech Lab caters to the interests of young children. No students, teachers, developers or staffs are required to learn anything that they are not interested in. This is how the institution is unique, believes The Tech Lab’s chief instructor, Niloy Anik.

The institution enrolls students by age groups: children between 5 and 15 are placed in one group and those beyond 15 are placed in another. Additionally, the organization is providing training in ‘real life’ projects including research and development.

The Tech Lab aims to play a key role in the ‘future inventions’ of Bangladesh by providing IT training. Moreover, they plan to enter the technological sector and work in a bigger scale.

The institution will start enrolling students in new batches from March 1. Visit this link for more details.