Opera Mini Saves Tk. 3.3 Billion In Data Costs For Users In Bangladesh

Opera Mini saved 10,829TB of data for mobile users in Bangladesh in 2015 thanks to the browser’s unique compression technology, according to findings from Opera’s “State of the Mobile Web” report. That amount of data is worth 3.3 billion BDT (1GB costs 300 BDT, on average), equivalent to 42 million USD.

Opera Mini shrinks data to as little as 10% of its original size and is the most popular web browser for Bangladeshis to access the internet from mobile devices.

The app is available with a Bengali user interface and also renders websites with Bengali content, a very useful feature for users who are more comfortable browsing in their native language.

Opera Mini Infographic

The report also gives insights into the surfing habits of mobile web users in Bangladesh. For instance, the report mentions that eight out of every ten webpages viewed by Opera Mini users from their mobile phones are from Facebook. The site also contributes to 65% of all data that is used by Opera Mini users in Bangladesh. Social networking’s popularity is followed by searching with Google and checking out cricket updates from Cricbuzz.

Moreover, an analysis of the top 50 most-visited sites in Opera Mini in Bangladesh shows that a whopping 42% of them are news sites. This high interest in reading local news content is a unique characteristic of Bangladeshi users as compared to mobile users in other Opera Mini markets. Download portals make up 21% of the 50 most-visited sites, and social networking sites 14%.