Beat Traffic With Pathao

Beat Traffic With Pathao
Safwan Mahfuz


We've all faced times when we were in a rush but weren't able to get any form of  transportation. Either the CNG 'waala' is overcharging and ripping us off, or we're getting rejected by taxis who don't want to go to our destination of choice. This is very common and something commuters face on a regular basis.

Pathao, is primarily a delivery service for dwellers of Dhaka, but recently they have added a new service, Pathao Rides, which is still in its beta phase, where you can book a motorbike ride to wherever you'd like to go. All you need to do is sign up on their app here and book a rider an hour in advance, and someone will pick you up, and the best part about it is the dirt cheap pricing.

Beat Traffic With Pathao!

Pathao Rides cost Tk. 20 for the first 2 kilometres and Tk. 8 for each kilometre after that and is available from 10am in the morning to 9pm at night. It's a metered system, so you don't ever need to bargain at all. The app has a great interface, where you can pinpoint your pick up location on a map, which makes it way more convenient than giving out directions over the phone.

We decided to give Pathao Rides a try yesterday, so one of the members of the HiFi team booked a ride from Banani to Dhanmondi. Not only did our member reach his destination within a staggering 35 to 40 minutes, the fare was only Tk. 78, which anyone will tell you, is a great deal and bang on the buck.

Although Pathao Rides is still in its beta phase, and is an experimental initiative, we can't help but hope that it gains a lot of popularity and can build a complete infrastructure to keep their services going on permanently.