This Latest Tweet From Asus Is A Big No-no…

This Latest Tweet From Asus Is A Big No-no…
Araf Noor


In the tech industry, companies make a fool of themselves on social media way too often.

It's nothing new, and when companies do mess up with their posts or tweets, the people of the internet are never too slow to point them out.

The latest bit of social media insanity comes to you from ASUS:

Take a look.

No Asus! This is not how you advertise!

To be fair, they did make a male version first:

But really, gender doesn’t matter. This is just wrong no matter what gender. It has got us thinking, who is in charge of ASUS’s media team?! The tweets have got us like:

Seriously ASUS. We love your products, but you might want to take a look at your advertising strategies.

UPDATE: ASUS deleted the original tweet (as they should have). Here's a screenshot of the post about the girl with the cat. Unfortunately, we couldn't preserve the one with the guy.