Here’s How The Internet Was Affected On Election Day

Here’s How The Internet Was Affected On Election Day
Araf Noor


The US National Elections generated hype. A lot of hype. But that wasn’t necessarily a good thing for the internet, although it was a great thing for television. Here’s how the elections affected internet traffic.

1. Total Peak Traffic slumped 15%

Comparing the traffic on the first two days of the week and on election day, traffic fell by about 15% as the data shows. This was predictable of course. As people were glued on to the TV screens on election day instead of surfing the web.


2. 25% less people were Netflix and chill-ing

Netflix is easily the largest source of traffic in North America. But the election day wasn’t a day for chilling at home watching Netflix, no. Instead of the Netflix hit series Stranger Things, people opted to watch the strange things going on in the news.


3. All those statuses and tweets about Trump and the elections meant social media traffic rose 30%

While they were digesting the news going on, people were, of course, not afraid to voice their opinions on social media. Facebook saw an increase of 30% on election day while Twitter’s traffic more the doubled.


This data is courtesy of Sandvine; the website will be kept updated regularly.