How To: Receive Support From Uber

How To: Receive Support From Uber
Araf Noor


Uber has arrived! The American worldwide online transportation network company has now started their business in Bangladesh and many people have already availed the service.

For example, user Shahriar Rahman posted this on his Facebook profile:

However, it’s common to face any problem or difficulties when using this service. If you face any sort of trouble or have any query, this is how you can get support.

1. Tweet to @uber_Support

This is the easiest way to reach Uber if you have any query or complaint. The Uber Twitter team quickly responds to tweets and is usually very helpful. When Twitter user Snoozan tweeted to Uber asking about the rates:

The Uber Support team replied:

2. Message the official Uber Bangladesh Facebook page is the official page of Uber Bangladesh. And if you message them here, you are sure to receive support as soon as possible.


Remember, Uber is an American international brand. It’s 100% safe. And like all reputed brands do, Uber will try its best to reach out to their customers and solve their problems.