Online Classified Platforms Facilitating Better Lifestyle

Online Classified Platforms Facilitating Better Lifestyle
Safwan Mahfuz


A perk of globalization, consistent economic growth, and a rising user base of the internet and social media, Bangladesh has seen an unprecedented number of you becoming globally connected. This global connectedness has enabled the youth to keep up with globally changing trends and keep up with them, often setting up local trends. In all, the youth are more aware about their lifestyle than ever before, taking the help of the internet and social media to exchange ideas and even products.

However, keeping up with rapidly changing needs based on trends can be difficult sometimes, especially for the youth who have unlimited demand but limited financial resources to accommodate the demand. Online classified platforms have advanced in Bangladesh as if to fill that need gap. Lifestyle-conscious people can not only buy the goods they need, but can also sell of those they don’t. In fact, modern upgrades have ensured that buyers and sellers can communicate directly before a transaction in order to be fully sure. These facilities have catalyzed the popularity of online classified platforms all over the country, and the popularity is rising on par with its global popularity.

It must be mentioned that online classified platforms not only caters to the needs of the youth, but to all the members of a demography. A study conducted for OLX by global market research firm MetrixLab in 2013 among internet users aged between 18 and 65 years in six divisions of Bangladesh found that the classifieds market in Bangladesh currently stands at roughly a staggering 147 billion taka. As of now, the value of all product ads posted on by sellers amount to nearly 15 billion taka. The sustained economic prosperity of Bangladesh indicate that the amount is poised to go up even higher, especially aided by rapid digitization of the country.’s growing popularity in Bangladesh make us more committed and determined to serve the people of Bangladesh

Shylendra Nathan, CEO of, the largest online classified platform in Bangladesh, is aware of the gigantic possibilities. He and his team at are continuously striving to develop new features on the leading online classified platform to introduce greater convenience in the lives of its users.

The advancement of internet and social media has allowed the Bangladeshi population, especially the youth, towards an enriched lifestyle with the help of online classified platforms only indicates the advancement of Bangladesh towards sustained digitalization.