Jovago Bangladesh Celebrates One Year In Operation

Jovago Bangladesh Celebrates One Year In Operation
Safwan Mahfuz


Jovago, Bangladesh’s no. 1 hotel booking site, started its operation in November 2015. Offering best price for hotels, Jovago provides the easiest and cheapest way for customers to book it. Diminishing advanced hotel booking hassles, pre booking hotels is now only a click away. It provides every traveler with a personal trip advisor with detailed hotel description and appropriate images of the hotels on the site. Initially Jovago was founded in 2013 at Lagos. Active in more than 40 countries the site hosts over 200,000 hotels online. With time this development spread across Asia from Africa and finally on the 30th of November it set its footprints on our map - Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, according to statistics, the number of internet users crossed 60 million last year proving that we have become positively developed into relying on the facilities that the internet provides. The stark 38% increase is a phenomenon that results into a simpler and developed lifestyle. And such is the era of the internet that - information search, entertainment, business and commodities all incorporate it.

The all-encompassing internet now allows hotel booking for the travel thirsty or for whom travel is a necessity for business at ease. Not only does it make traveling easier for us but it also facilitates industry growth in our country. Now it has become the largest portal for online hotel booking options in Bangladesh.

Jovago concentrates deeply in the development of local businesses and encourages an economic boom in our poll.

Kaies Ali, the Managing Director at Jovago, believes that “For a country to develop, its people must embrace technology and the many changes it brings to simplify daily tasks. is here to simplify, organize and provide options on hotel bookings to travellers throughout Bangladesh.”

Since November 2015, Jovago has carried its successful first year operations and is growing in popularity within Bangladesh. Jovago’s first year’s anniversary achievement is proud to have partnered with over 500 hotels in Bangladesh.