Pokemon Go Is Here, Finally!

Pokemon Go Is Here, Finally!
Araf Noor


5 months after the international release, Pokemon Go has finally landed in Bangladesh! The hype is pretty much gone by now but hey, at least we’ll be able to catch some Pidgeys and Rattatas in Banani and Dhanmondi.

Yesterday at 1 am, Niantic posted on their official Pokemon Go Facebook page that players in South Asia will now be able to download the app from the App Store for iPhones and Google Play for androids:

Here’s how you can play:
  1. Download the app.

  1. Look at the map.

  1. Catch some Pokemon!

When you see a Pokemon in front of you, tap on it and you will see it pop up on your screen, as if it was in front of you. Just swipe to throw a pokeball at it, and it's yours!

Now excuse us while we go be the best like no one ever was.