Chalo And BCC Work Jointly Work On E-commerce

Chalo And BCC Work Jointly Work On E-commerce
Safwan Mahfuz


Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) and life style application Chalo will work together to expand e-commerce specially in transport sector at across 64 district by 2020.

Regarding the initiative, BCC and Chalo Technologies have signed a standing recently. BCC Director Training Mohammad Enamul Kabir and Chalo Chief Executive Officer Dewan Shuvo signed representing organizations. According the deal, Chalo and BCC will work together.

Under the partnership deal, BCC will support the start-up company to link with the government organizations as well as provide special support on development of the e-commerce sector in the country, says a Chalo news release.

Chalo CEO Dewan Shuvo said, “ We will work together with BCC to expand digital business  64 districts by 2020. Besides, Chalo will provide technical support to boost the contribution of the BCC and ICT division in expansion of technology-based services in the transportation sector in the country,”.

The mobile based lifestyle application Chalo started in 2015 and has been contributing in the development of transport service, utility service, e-commerce and utility services.