Super Mario Run: A Bad Day For Nintendo

Super Mario Run: A Bad Day For Nintendo
Safwan Mahfuz


Super Mario Run is out on iPhones and iPads for everyone to play, but that's not all great news for the gaming giant, Nintendo with their shares plunging down 7.1% since the game's release.

The question is, what went wrong?

Well, the game doesn't seem to have any bugs and has had a huge number of downloads leading it to the top of the App store charts. But, there's one thing that has angered a lot of the people who've waited to get their hands on playing Mario on their devices, the price tag and the lack of levels for the free downloads.

What ticked off the users is that, the game barely lasts 10 minutes before one is prompted to pay an amount of $9.99 to access the whole game. Nintendo's approach was to charge for the whole game instead of imposing in-app purchases, which has left a lot of people disappointed. Also, hey Nintendo, you could've added a little more gameplay time for the free mode on Mario, for the fans, right?

Investors weren't left out of the disappointment either, having high expectations for the game and getting relatively lower returns. Even the developers of the game, DeNa's stocks have plummeted 14% since the game came out.

We suppose Nintendo would've been better off offering Super Mario Run as a freemium game rather than a paid app.