The Reason Behind Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosions

The Reason Behind Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosions
Safwan Mahfuz


Samsung has finally figured out the reason behind their Note 7 devices exploding, after a long and thorough investigation. The findings were submitted to the Korean Testing Laboratory, UL, but haven't been made public.

Findings in accordance to third party investigators suggest that the main reason behind the phone explosions were due to putting in too many features into the Galaxy Note 7 frame, was too much load for the device to handle, leading to fire damages.

Finding the solution to this problem and to avoid this for future Samsung products, especially after they had to recall a whole lot of Samsung units and had to face a loss in billions of dollars. The device that was to be Samsung's flagship phablet, became one of the company's biggest failures, allowing the smaller companies to seep into the cracks of the smartphone game.

Finding out what the problem is the first step to the Korean smartphone giant's recovery, hopefully they'll be able to avoid any more explosive devices in the future and regain their position in the Android world.