Next On Snapchat: TV Shows!

Next On Snapchat: TV Shows!
Araf Noor


According to a report from Reuters, Disney will start creating several new series that will air as Snapchat stories. You read that right. On Snapchat.

The first show to be launched on Snapchat is set to be a recap of ABC’s The Bachelor.

We don’t know much else about the show for now, except it will be a spinoff called Watch Party: The Bachelor and it will be aired on January 3rd. The series will be 10 episodes long and will apparently feature “celebrities, comedians, super fans and infamous Bachelors and Bachelorettes getting together each week to watch each episode.”

Reuters says both scripted and non-scripted shows will be made for Snapchat in 2017. It’s worth remembering that earlier this year, Disney and Snapchat joined forces to make a live story of the Academy Awards.

Disney will control all the ads that appear in the shows, according to Reuters.