What The New Surface Pro Has In Store For Us

What The New Surface Pro Has In Store For Us
Safwan Mahfuz


The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is still a mysterious gadget with not much info released yet, but it's supposed to be coming out around spring of 2017, rumors say. The release date and the price of the device is expected to be priced as its predecessor, but of course there's other factors involved such as the specs of the new Surface Pro.

As of recent, Microsoft has done a deal with Qualcomm and have also exhibited the Windows 10 on an ARM processor. This means there is a possibility that Mircrosoft Surface Pro 5 will come packed with a Snapdragon chipset instead of the usual Intel processor.

The motto of the Microsoft Surface Pro lineup has been to bring in the power of a desktop onto a laptop, so the chances of a Snapdragon model alongside Intel models is a real possibility for the Surface Pro 5. There are also rumors of the Surface Pro coming in with a Stylus, that can be charged wirelessly. Seeing what Microsoft has done with their latest desktop, innovative new features aren't a surprise.

The standard Surface Pro 5 is supposed to have a 2K display, and there may be a higher end model with 4K capabilities. The USB 3.0 ports may also be replaced with USB Type-C ports, but we'll have to wait to find out and clarify all these rumors that are floating around Microsoft's latest Surface lineup.