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HiFi Public is a leading tech portal in Bangladesh and a local hub where we cater to your daily dose of technology. We provide a platform for tech enthusiasts, serious coders and gadgets geeks to congregate and unwind. What can be expected from our site? We cover breaking international and local stories in the tech arena, do hands on mobile and gadget reviews and take part in various tech events or workshops across the capital. Oh and did we mention about videos? Yes, we are in the business of creating videos as well and given the quality of the content and our expertise in this area, it would be safe to say that our videos often go viral.

Now why would you advertise with us? Our website receives over 45,000 page views per week and that is a surefire way of saying that your ad will be viewed by a sizeable portion of online traffic. Advertisers on our site can expect more than 250 clicks per week. The HiFi Newsletter which is sent out every week has over 8,000 subscribers and through this we’ll take your ads to the very doorstep, or rather, inbox, of our subscribers. We heavily promote our content through social media and our Facebook page has over 46,000 fans. All this is to say your ads will be in good hands!

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