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Question about bride's virginity removed from Bangladesh's marriage contract

Previously the word ‘কুমারী’ (virgin) was part of question 5 of Bangladesh’s standardised Muslim marriage contract. The question asked whether the bride is a virgin, divorcee or widow. The high

Meet Jaya Chakma, the first Bangladeshi woman FIFA referee

With the anticipations and excitement of football fanatics, the news of Jaya Chakma makes it better than ever! Jaya Chakma, a proud ethnic member from Rangamati, defied all barriers by

Walton joins Amazon to export products to the USA

Bangladeshi electronics manufacturer brand Walton is turning heads around as they teamed up with global e-commerce phenomena Amazon to export their products to the USA and sell them via the

Looking back at the pioneering bands of Bangladesh

Bangladeshi bands have come a long way since the inception of rock here in the mid to late ’60s. They have transcended generations, musical genres and have firmly made their