Bangladesh earns the highest rate of trust in vaccines, France the lowest

According to the world’s largest survey on public attitudes towards health and science, it has been observed that Bangladesh is one of the countries to have the highest level of trust in vaccines.

Side by side Bangladesh, Rwanda agreed almost with a 100% vote that vaccination is a safe and effective step for children to live a healthy lifestyle.

Trust in vaccines low in high-income countries

Bangladesh earns the highest rate of trust in vaccines while France has the lowest
France has the lowest level of confidence in vaccination.

The survey further highlighted the fact that rich countries have lower confidence and trust in vaccines. It fundamentally ties with the recent anti-vaccination movement in which people refuse to believe in the benefits of vaccination and everything relating to the subject.  

According to the survey devised by British medical charity Wellcome Trust and conducted by Gallup World Poll between April and December 2018, France has the lowest level of confidence in vaccination.

Imran Khan, head of the Wellcome’s head of public engagement told AFP that it’s the “complacency effect” that could be the factor behind this concerning drawback.

“If you look at those countries in our survey which have very high rates of confidence in vaccines, places like Bangladesh and Egypt, these are areas where you do have a more infectious disease. Perhaps what you see is the people in those countries can see what happens if you don’t vaccinate.”

He further added.

More findings in this first of a kind survey

Bangladesh earns the highest rate of trust in vaccines while France has the lowest
Imran Khan and his team at Wellcome

This one of a kind survey also showed the gender gap with respect to the knowledge of science.

Globally, 49 per cent of men and about 38 per cent of women know “some” or “a lot” about their conception of science.

Imran Khan believes that how and what we perceive as knowledge has to do a lot with culture, context and background of where we belong.

With the small steady steps that Bangladesh is taking with science and health awareness, it is expected to form better rate of confidence in different fields including both science and technology.

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