E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), the biggest show on the gaming calendar, is right around the corner. This month, as they now do every June, the best and brightest talents in the industry will descend on a heat-baked Los Angeles to showcase their digital wares to the world. While the numerous leaks and plausible rumors have dimmed the element of surprise to an extent, the E3 hype train continues like a juggernaut nonetheless.

Conference schedule:

While the official E3 show will run from June 12 to June 14, the conferences start from June 9.

EA                        Sunday, 10 June 12:00 AM
Microsoft            Monday, 11 June 02:00 AM
Bethesda             Monday, 11 June 07:30 AM
Square Enix        Monday, 11 June 11:00 PM
Ubisoft                 Tuesday, 12 June 02:00 AM
PC Show              Tuesday, 12 June 04:00 AM
Sony                     Tuesday, 12 June 07:00 AM
Nintendo             Tuesday, 12 June 10:00 PM


While Sony is surely hard at work on the next generation Playstaion console, it is a safe bet we won’t be hearing anything major on the hardware front this year. Sony head Shawn Layden has also confirmed that the presentation will focus on four main Sony exclusives: Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part 2. Fans can expect deep dives, development updates and new trailer for all of these titles as well as announcements from third-party publishers and indie developers.

Sony is currently at the top of their game in churning out top-tier exclusives. Therefore, all eyes are on the next batch of their offerings as they gear up for this year’s E3. It seems Capcom may reveal a new Devil May Cry as well and what better place to do that other than Sony’s stage. Last year at PSX, From Software turned heads with their Shadows Die Twice teaser. Fans are eagerly expecting the game to be the sequel to the developers’ revered Bloodborne, or their long dormant Tenchu franchise. Whatever the case may be, it is expected to make an appearance in this E3.


Microsoft has a lot to prove this year. While they are adept at offering consumer-friendly services like Backwards Compatibility and Game Pass, their first party stable is failing to effectively compete with Sony’s diverse offerings. It seems Microsoft knows this too as they have boosted their efforts to strengthen their first party catalogue. The amazingly talented Playground Games are set to reveal the next game in the Forza Horizon series, but that is not the full picture. Rumor has it that Microsoft has assigned Playground to make the next Fable game as well. While it is still in early stages, a teaser this year on E3 might serve Microsoft well to get their message of commitment to diversify.

Announcements of new entries in the Gears of War and Halo franchises are also expected. This might be the year Microsoft bites the Battle Royale bullet and introduce a Halo Battle Royale game, but it is all up for speculation. Some third party surprise announcements are surely on the way too. Rocksteady’s rumored Superman game, Gearbox’s Borderlands 3 might turn up on the Microsoft stage pushing the extra horsepower of the Xbox One X.


Nintendo has had a killer 2017, due to two of the most critically acclaimed games in the Mario and Zelda franchises. To keep the momentum going, they are releasing a new Smash Bros. game this year. Built from the ground up for Switch, this one will embrace the eSports scene that’s formed about Brawl and Melee over the years. Kirby and Yoshi are also set to get new adventures in 2018, so I am fully expecting Nintendo to showcase gameplay from both. Last year’s Metroid Prime 4 reveal was a pleasant surprise for many fans, but more surprising would be the fact that Retro Studios is not making it. So while a Metroid gameplay trailer is expected, many including me are also eagerly anticipating Retro’s new game reeveal as well. Exciting times, indeed. I also imagine there’s a chance Nintendo will announce some new kits for its upcoming Nintendo Labo accessory which is now available worldwide.


The last year has been tumultuous for EA, to say the least. From Mass Effect Andromeda’s disastrous launch to the Battlefront 2 micro-transaction fiasco, EA is in desperate need of some goodwill. For sports games this year, it is the usual. Fans will get the chance to see and play the latest EA Sports titles such as Madden 19, FIFA 19, NHL 19 and NBA Live 19. The recently revealed Battlefield V will have a large presence as well, especially the multiplayer. Titanfall Developer Respawn is currently working on a Star Wars game which could see a reveal on the EA stage. But the star of show will definitely be Anthem, Bioware’s latest project. A seeming mashup of Lost Planet, Dark Void and Destiny- I am really intrigued to see more gameplay and a deeper dive of the game.


Outside of more details on the now-confirmed Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and The Division 2, I am fully expecting Ubisoft to roll out the only other remaining Tom Clancy franchise worth its salt: Splinter Cell. The fact that Michael Ironside came back to voice Sam Fisher as a cameo in Ghost Recon: Wildlands might be a sign of a full-fledged post-MGSV Splinter Cell.

Ubisoft blew everyone’s mind last year with an amazing Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailer. A gameplay trailer this year is not farfetched. Whatever the conference ends up being, you can be comfortably sure there will be a dance number during the Just Dance 2019 reveal.


With the recent announcement of Fallout 76, and not much information beyond reported leaks that the game won’t be a traditional Fallout game, I think we can definitely expect to hear more about it at E3. Last month Bethesda released a Rage 2 announcement trailer. Being jointly developed by id Software and Avalanche Studios, a gameplay trailer was released the day after the announcement. So far we have a release window of 2019, which we can hope Bethesda will narrow down during their conference. A Prey DLC is probably going to make an appearance as well. There are also a number of Elder Scrolls games Bethesda could make announcements about on stage this Sunday, namely The Elder Scrolls: Legends, The Elder Scrolls Online and hell, maybe even an Elder Scrolls VI teaser. I am of course most excited about a possible Doom 2 reveal. The original one from 2016 was a blasting success, and I hope the sequel is bigger, better and just a plain old hellish ride.

Square Enix

I’ll kick things off with the most sure thing of the bunch: Kingdom Hearts III. We should finally get a chance to see when we can get our hands on the hotly-anticipated title during this conference, which until recently had a vague window of 2018. Another guaranteed showing, Shadow of the Tomb Raider also had a recent announcement event. A gameplay trailer is definitely on the cards as the game releases this September. Final Fantasy DLC is expected to make an appearance too along with more Dragon Quest XI information. Square Enix may also give us a look of Final Fantasy VII remake gameplay. Revealed in 2015 with thunderous fanfare, it might be time for us again to salivate in anticipation for this one. The most interesting prospect for Square’s presentation may be a gameplay trailer for the already announced Avengers game. Right off the hype train of Infinity War, I am ready to dive in the Avengers hole once more. I mean, who isn’t?

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